Excellent builder with flawless reputation.  I would highly recommend Andrew Mueller and his team at Kustom Contracting for any new build or renovation project.

We have worked with Kustom Contracting for a few years and have completed several projects with them.  The team at Kustom Contracting is professional, innovative, and work diligently to make sure the needs of their customers always come first.

Kustom Contracting’s work and vision is 100% responsible for our allowing us to sell  the first home on Stone Road in Aurora for +$1M.

Our new project in King City is an extensive, complex, multi stage acreage estate property.

The Kustom Contracting team has paid attention to all the little details, from design to completion of constructing a very well-built, energy-efficient home, cabana, and multiple decks.

They have also been excellent on follow-through after we moved into our new home.

Andrew’s demand for top-quality work from his trades, and his solution-focused approach when a problem arises, is a combination that always works to ensure client satisfaction.

The entire team’s pursuit of excellence coupled with a passion for customer satisfaction is a rare combination that results in beautifully executed projects that homeowners can feel proud of.